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Sport Taranaki has a vision for coaching in the province. “A regional coaching system that enables local coaches to meet the needs of Taranaki community sport participants”

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Coaching & Officials

Coaching Plan

Sport Taranaki has developed a regional coaching plan with a core belief that coaching is all about the participant or athlete receiving the support they need to enjoy their sport and fulfil their potential at whatever level that may be. To be able to deliver on this belief, Taranaki needs capable coaches at all stages of the participant and athlete pathway.

The Sport Taranaki Coaching Plan is designed primarily to outline and show case what the organisation provides in terms of regional leadership and additional generic coaching programmes.

The coaching plan also has great relevance to the wider community sport sector. It will prove of interest and provide guidance to the multitude of organisations and individuals that operate in the community sport coaching area including Regional Sports Organisations (RSOs), sports clubs, secondary and primary schools, territorial authorities and of course the thousands of community sport coaches who give up their time every week to help make sport happen in Taranaki.

The plan has three strands, namely student coaches, community coaches and talent ID coaches and suitable quality development opportunities will be provided to each group. The focus is on the foundation and development coaching communities as identified by Sport NZ (see diagram below) 

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Sport Taranaki’s Workforce initiatives aim to identify administration,  coaching and officiating needs of schools, clubs, and RSOs.  The Workforce initiatives will increase the number and quality of administrators, coaches and officials and improve the quality of the education and support they receive. The Workforce initiative also aims to better connect schools with clubs, RSOs and other sport providers.

Workforce projects aim to increase research and information available; provide advice, support, guidelines and resources; and raise awareness and promote workforce planning practices.

This Workforce plan describes four strategic priority areas:

  • Plan: Plan for a vibrant and sustainable workforce
  • Engage & recruit: Promote the sector as an attractive career and volunteering option
  • Support & develop: Up-skill staff and volunteers, and develop them for future roles
  • Reward & retain: Promote the recognition staff and volunteers

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