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Strategic Approach for Facilities

If you are looking for funding and support to upgrade your recreation facilities in Taranaki then you should talk to us in the early planning stages of the project.

Taranaki's major funders and councils have joined together in the Taranaki Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities Steering Group and agreed that taking a co-ordinated approach to planning and funding facilities will help prioritise needs over wants and achieve the best results for everyone from limited funding.

The Steering Group's role is to assess each project against a set of criteria then make recommendations or endorsements.  These criteria are designed to guide regional and local decision-making and investment in sport and recreation facilities to grow and sustain community participation. 

The criteria are: 

  • Meets an identified need
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Sustainable including consideration of whole of life cost
  • Co-location, collaboration, integration
  • Accessibility
  • Strategic alignment
  • Enhances sport pathways

​​​​​​​The process does not replace individual stakeholders decision-making or detailed, site-specific investigations but the recommendations made by the Steering Group are factored into prioritisation and funding decisions.

The Taranaki Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities Steering Group includes:

  • New Plymouth District Council
  • Stratford District Council 
  • South Taranaki District Council
  • TET
  • Toi Foundation
  • NZCT
  • Sport NZ
  • Sport Taranaki

It also includes advisors from Venture Taranaki.

Contact Person

Marina Healey

Spaces and Places Lead

Phone: 027 406 6123

Contact the Steering Group

To discuss your facility challenges and how this process can help you get the best result for the community  contact Spaces and Places Lead Marina Healey.

Download the strategy: (Under Review in 2022)

The Taranaki Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities – A Strategic approach to Future Planning 

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