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Strategic Approach for Facilities

If you are looking for funding and support to upgrade your recreation facilities in Taranaki then you should talk to us in the early planning stages of the project.

Taranaki's major funders and councils have joined together in the Taranaki Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities Steering Group and agreed that taking a co-ordinated approach to planning and funding facilities will help prioritise needs over wants and achieve the best results for everyone from limited funding.

The Steering Group's role is to assess each project against a set of criteria then make recommendations or endorsements.  These criteria are designed to guide regional and local decision-making and investment in sport and recreation facilities to grow and sustain community participation. 

The criteria is: 


• Identified need 

• Landowner engagement 

• Mana enhancing Hapū / iwi engagement 

• Improved Accessibility 

• Partnering with others / hubbing 

• Impact on the environment 

• Multi-use spaces and optimising utilisation 

• Understands its role in wider network 

• Ongoing operational costs 

• Provision for play, active recreation, and social connection 


• Alignment with national regional network plan (declining participation) 

• Emerging and growth demographics i.e. Māori youth 

• NSO/ RSO endorsement 

• Grassroots to Elite pathway

​​​​​​​The process does not replace individual stakeholders decision-making or detailed, site-specific investigations but the recommendations made by the Steering Group are factored into prioritisation and funding decisions.

The Taranaki Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities Steering Group includes:

  • New Plymouth District Council
  • Stratford District Council 
  • South Taranaki District Council
  • Taranaki Regional Council
  • Toi Foundation
  • NZCT
  • Sport Taranaki

It also includes advisors from Sport NZ and  Venture Taranaki.

Contact Person

Marina Healey

Spaces and Places Lead

Phone: 027 406 6123

Contact the Steering Group

To discuss your facility challenges and how this process can help you get the best result for the community  contact Spaces and Places Lead Marina Healey.

2023 Strategy

Below is the 2023 Strategy and Framework for the provision of quality spaces and places for sport, active recreation and play in Taranaki.

The Strategy outlines the why this work is important, our values, principles and a process by which facility projects can be guided to enhanced outcomes for community.


Download the 2018 strategy:

The 2018 version of the strategy still remains relevant as an assessment of gaps and duplications across our region and is available to view below:

The Taranaki Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities – A Strategic approach to Future Planning 

Click on the links below to inform the Taranaki Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities Steering Group about your facilities challenge.

Taranaki Equestrian Facilities Plan 

The Taranaki Equestrian Facilities Plan is now LIVE!

Check out the highlight video here:

During the development of the Taranaki Equestrian Facilities plan, we were in touch with all 56 equine organisations in Taranaki, looking at the state of existing facilities, our riding landscape and understanding our participants. Engagement was fantastic and we would like to thank the 501 people who responded to the survey, helping us to build a clear picture of Equestrian in our region.

The Facilities Plan highlights the key challenges facing Equestrian in our region and makes a series of recommendations about the priorities for facility provision moving forward.

The Facilities Plan has highlighted the need for Equestrian to work more closely, in partnership to realise a more sustainable future. Achieving the recommendations in the plan will take all of us – we are excited to be along for the journey!