Tūparikino Active Community Hub

Taranaki is working together to transform the future of physical activity ​​​​​​​

The Tūparikino Active Community Hub at the New Plymouth Racecourse site will be a catalyst to boost activity and wellbeing and equitable access to sport and recreation across Taranaki.

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Q: Is the Hub going ahead?
A: Yes it is. Planning and design work is advancing well and the project is well positioned to attract significant Central Government support and continued support from NPDC, project partners and regional funders.

Q: What will it cost?
A: With global fiscal pressures continuing to bite, construction cost escalation and evolving funding and design requirements the required budget for the two-stage project has been pushed from $91m to $110m. But a range of designs and costs will be consulted on publically before decisions are made on what the best option is.

Q: How will it be paid for?
A: A mix of local, central and regional funders together with contributions from project
partners and stakeholders.

Q: Has the planned phasing of the project changed?
A: Yes. The original timeline had the turf complex construction starting later this year. This has now been deferred but the Hub building construction is still due to start in October 2024.

Q: Why has the construction of the turf complex been deferred?
A: This will allow for greater funding certainty and matching future design phasing to
available budgets.

Q: Why does the project need to be consulted on in the NPDC ten year plan?
A: Since the project began funding arrangements and design requirements have been
further developed and construction costs have increased. Currently NPDC has committed $40m Capex and $11m Opex and this process will decide whether further investment is made.

Q: Isn't this just for sports players?
A: Not at all. While organised sport will gain much-needed facilities the Hub will vibrant place of intergenerational activity and be a community gathering space, designed to connect people together with a range of health and wellness opportunities. Giving people options to get active in ways that suit them will benefit the whole community.

Q: What makes it efficient and sustainable?
A: Bringing together a range of activities with modern, purpose built facilities on a high
profile site reduces the need for duplication and makes operations efficient.

Combining ambitious moves transforming traditional ways sport and recreation are governed and delivered in the region with top quality facilities, and efficient, collaborative operating models the Tūparikino Active Community Hub at the New Plymouth Racecourse site will be a catalyst to boost activity and wellbeing and equitable access to sport and recreation across Taranaki.

Co-designed with Ngāti Te Whiti and Ngāti Tūparikino hapū, together with the support of Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa, the Hub signals more than a quality community facility.It will be a site of learning and health, celebrating mana whenua identity and links to the whenua.

Foundation Partners

 Taranaki Different & Better

Sport Taranaki is working with the sport and recreation sector on the  Taranaki Different and Better project which is working to transform traditional ways sport and recreation is governed and delivered in Taranaki to tackle longstanding issues and provide better quality experiences for participants. 

The new ways of working will lay the foundations for a collaborative, participant-centred sector that fosters wide community participation. The hub will provide quality, consolidated facilities with design and programming flexibility.

Both projects will develop financially sustainable models for future sport and recreation and together they will achieve an integrated people, funding and facilities solution.

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