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Sport Taranaki is your hub for information on local sport, events and community activities!

About Sport Taranaki

Sport Taranaki Key Priorities:

Capability – Ensuring that we are secure and sustainable to allow delivery of programmes that meet the needs of the community.

Community Capability and Education – Supporting people in the community who are involved in sport and active recreation, such as coaches, administrators, volunteers to increase capability and sustainability.

Sport, Active Recreation and Health – Creating opportunities that support participation in sport and active recreation and pathways for athletes, coaches and officials.

Community Leadership – Sport Taranaki leading the way with all things associated to sport and active recreation. This may include advocating on behalf of the sport and recreation sector, conducting research and ensuring Sport Taranaki has a high profile in the community.


Sport Taranaki would like to acknowledge our key partners in supporting sport and active recreation in Taranaki. 

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