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Creating positive sporting experiences for Taranaki kids.

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Marina Healey

Community Engagement Advisor
Phone: 027 406 6123

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Taranaki Good Sports is about building a lifelong love of sport.

The national culture change initiative has been picked up locally by Central Football, Taranaki Hockey, SkateSport Taranaki, Taranaki Rugby, the Taranaki Secondary School Sports Association, Athletics Taranaki and Taranaki Rugby League.

While the yellow and black Good Sports banners and boards will be a feature on the sidelines round the district, it is the way the supporters and codes champion positive messages that will make the difference to keep sporting experiences positive for kids.

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Sport Taranaki Community Engagement Advisor Marina Healey said that parents, coaches and administrators all had an important role to play – and Good Sports was about helping to make that happen.

“There are lots of ways to do this. One of the great things about sport is that wins, losses, setbacks and problems are all part of the games. It’s where people put the focus that can be the issue. If people focus on effort and improvement, rather getting so hung up on results, everyone enjoys the game more.”

Everyone had witnessed negative sporting behaviour over time which can ruin experiences for kids and this is what a Good Sports approach can combat, but the commitment made in Taranaki was much more than that. It was also a commitment to providing a balanced approach to the provision of youth sport.

“We know that balance is really better for kids, for their development and for keeping them in sport longer. If you focus on the fun and enjoyment and support kids to have a go at all sorts of things, it will benefit them in the long run,” Marina says.

Having such a strong team of Taranaki Good Sports on board, with the call for more codes to join over time, would help give kids the best start in sport as possible, Marina says.

All codes are welcome to join Good Sports. Please contact Community Engagement Manager Marina Healey or 027 406 6123 to find out how your code can get on board.DSC 0109 for web2
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 Bad sideline behaviour can ruin the experience for kids.

Check out these sideline shockers in the video below by clicking on the image. This is the sort of behaivour we all need to stop.

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