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KiwiSport is a funding stream to assist community groups to provide programmes to school children in the community. Continue reading to find out how to apply.

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KiwiSport Frequently Asked Questions

What is organised sport? 
Organised sport means sporting activities delivered primarily through organised structures delivered by clubs, schools and other organisations. It includes sporting activities with elements of competition, coaching and skill development. Organised sport is an activity which is regular, repeatable and involves an element of supervision. 
Who are school-aged young people? 
The focus of Kiwisport is school-aged young people, 5-18 years of age. 
What sort of partnerships are there? 
There is no definitive list but the Kiwisport initiative places a premium on the value of collaboration. Partnerships could be between clusters of schools, between individual schools and clubs (or other community sport organizations), or between a school and a sponsor. 
Will Kiwisport fund existing programmes and activities?
The Regional Partnership Fund won’t be approved to subsidise existing programmes to maintain current levels of participation. However, investment in existing programmes will be considered where the purpose is expansion and will result in more school-aged children playing sport. 
How many applications from organisations will be accepted per year? 
A completed accountability report will need to be approved before an organisation is able to submit another application.  There is a limited amount of funding available and therefore not every project can be supported.
If we are successful what will be the process to receive the funds? 
An agreement will be signed with Sport Taranaki that will outline the project and it's objectives. Once this is signed you will have to invoice us for the approved funding.  This amount will be paid to the organisation directly into their bank account. 
Is GST included in the amount paid to organisations? 
All figures quoted in the application should be GST exclusive.  However, when the payment is made to the successful applicant they will include GST. 
Will someone come out and check our programme?
Yes.  A representative from Sport Taranaki is required to come out and observe at least one of your sessions in progress.  This is a good time to discuss with the representative any queries you have around the accountability report.
What do we do with any surplus funds? 
All funding received must be used as per the project purposes only. If you spend less than you anticipated or your programme does not go ahead you must return any unused funds to Sport Taranaki. 
Will we be able to apply in retrospect for projects? 
No.  All projects must commence after the receipt of the funds. 
Will late or incomplete applications be accepted? 
No.  All information including quotes and letters of support are required by the closing date.  If you are unsure how to complete your application please contact us prior to the closing date for assistance.
 If you'd like to find out more or would like an application to apply please contact Terry at Sport Taranaki.