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Nomination Eligibility

1. Must be a New Zealand Citizen or hold a Resident or Permanent Resident Visa.

2. Nominees may be amateur or a professional.

3. Sporting achievements in New Zealand and overseas are eligible.

4. Be commonly acknowledged or widely regarded as a Taranaki Sportsperson. This is not intended for sportspeople who have passed through the Taranaki region but those that have developed here through school and/or club sport, have a community connection and would recognise themselves as someone from the Taranaki region.

5. The achievement period will be judged on achievements and/or contributions made during 1 October 2018 - 30 September 2019 only.

6. Junior nomination categories (including individual & team) must be aged between 13 and 18 years of age during the achievement period.

7. Senior individual nomination categories must be 19 years of age and over during the achievement period. Senior team members must be predominantly 19 years of age and over during the achievement period. 

8.  Masters athletes must be 35+ years of age during the achievement period. Nominees in the Masters category must have competed in a sanctioned event as a Masters participant.

9. The Club of the Year Award is open to any outstanding sports and/or active recreational club which has performed with excellence in best practice. Nominees must have excelled in ALL of the following three components within the achievement period:

  • Significant improvements to the club
  • The club’s impact on it’s community
  • Positive effectiveness of managing members and volunteers e.g. upskilling and recruitment, facilities and finances.

10. The Service to Sport Award is open to any person who has made an outstanding contribution to sport and/or active recreation for more than 25 years.  Nominations must be endorsed by a regional sports organisation or similar.

11. The Sportsperson of the Year Award will be selected from the winners of the Junior Sportsman/woman, Junior Sports Team, Master Sportsperson, Senior Sportsman/woman and Senior Sports Team categories.


Nomination Process

1. Athletes may be nominated in multiple awards, please ensure you use a separate nomination form for each award the athlete is nominated for.

2. Achievement details should include: club/school, regional, national and/or international achievements

3.  Provide two high quality of at least 1MB recent photo files (png or jpeg) of the nominee. An action shot is preferable. The nomination form requires a photo file so you must be ready with this before you submit the form. 

4. Nominators please ensure that the nominee has seen the nomination form to ensure that all of the details are accurate and correct.  Information on this form will be used in media and on the awards evening.

5. Click on the form link below to start your nomination.


Important: You may wish to login/register first before you fill out this form, you will be able to save your form progress.

Nominee Details (for all individuals, teams & clubs)

Award(s) Nominated for (for criteria info please refer to main application page):

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Nominees Achievements (for individuals & teams only)

Club Achievements

Service to Sport Achievements

Additional Information (all nominations)

DISCLAIMER: In case of technical or website difficulties, if you do not receive an email receipt of your application within 48hours please contact the Sport Taranaki office.