Green Prescription Success Stories

The Green Prescription team has supported many people in our community to their health and wellness goals - Here are a few of their stories.


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Green Prescription Success Stories

Frank B - Aquatic Sensation!

Frank had always had an active life, up until moving off the farm a few years ago.  Frank started putting on a little weight, suffered from severe joint pain and was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

His doctor gave him a choice, He would have to go on nine tablets a day to control these issues or he could be referred to Green Prescription.  Frank chose Green Prescription.  He was referred to Claire and after a few chats and a bit of trial and error in the choice of exercise discussing different suitable exercise options,  Claire recommended that he try the Aquatic Centre and linked him in with an instructor at the pool.

At his first session at the Aquatic Centre Frank was given some simple exercises that soon had him huffing and puffing through the pool.  Every third day Frank went back to the pool and completed his exercises, getting a little faster every time. 

After just a few months Frank was taken off the high cholesterol medication, his blood pressure pills were reduced from four down to one a day and he had lost 5kgs.  He felt great and his nightly aches and pains were gone.

“I feel bloody terrific!” says Frank.  “I used to be an exhausted wreck.  All I could think of was where my next stick of chocolate was coming from.  Without my Green Prescription support and Claire’s suggestion of the pool I may have given up and be on nine tablets a day.”

“The exercise has helped me physiologically to change.  I have also looked at my eating, it’s because of the exercise, it has opened me up to change.  I feel so much better in myself.”

Frank is in his 70s and had nearly accepted the inevitability of becoming less physical. But now he and his mates are considering rowing the circumference of the north island – and why not!  Go Frank.


Shona - I'm Worth It!

Shona broke her arm at the end of last year and was laid up for over nine weeks.  She gained a significant amount of weight and began feeling very low. She was unfit and had no energy. She went to her doctor for help and was referred to Green Prescription.

She started going to the gym at the YMCA and was also introduced to Isagenix through a colleague at work.

 “My fitness level was pretty much zero, the first time I did a cardio session at the gym I could hardly breath and I had to lie down on the floor to recover.  I was so unfit.”

Now Shona is going down to the YMCA four days a week and has introduced weights and toning exercises to her cardio routines.

“Gaylene, my green prescription support, was so motivational and inspirational.  She’s been a real sweetheart.”

It has been a lifestyle journey.  Not only did Shona start exercising more often she also looked at her diet.  She admits that it wasn’t the greatest and was heavily reliant on fatty fast foods that were convenient.  She has now gone back to being a pescatarian (like a vegetarian but with fish) with lots of healthy food, healthy snacks and vegetables, vegetables, lots and lots of vegetables.  Her partner has been hugely supportive with her lifestyle changes and makes the best salads! She has stopped eating sugar, bread and potatoes and replaced them with healthier options like salads, kumera and pumpkin.  Even their night night treat has turned from chips and dips to pesto and carrot sticks.

It was really tough for Shona in the beginning but her determination and will power won over and the weight started dropping off.  Not only that, but her confidence has really taken off.

“I walk around work now and people who haven’t seen me for a while are amazed at my transformation, they ask me if I’m on drugs because I’m just so happy all the time.  Even my partner’s parent’s jaws hit the floor. I love it”

“Now I have so much energy, I’m firing on all cylinders.  It’s a whole lifestyle change and there’s no going back.”

After the years spent taking care of her children, Shona says it’s now time to invest in herself because she is worth it.


Frank H - Strength Through Struggle

Frank was referred on to Green Prescription by his Doctor.  At just 55yrs of age Frank was overweight at 146kgs and boarder-line diabetic. 

“I had to turn my life around, for myself, for my kids and for my grandkids.”

Green prescription helped Frank to turn his life around.  With the support of Green Prescription’s Georgia calling him and simply asking him “how are you doing” kept him going especially at the beginning.  “It was my rock to keep me mentally strong.  When I felt unmotivated it would be the kick to get me up and out of bed and down to the gym.”

A friend introduced him to Boxfit through Box Office, New Plymouth.  There was no holding him back. Frank's first Boxfit class broke him, and he thought he would never go back. But he did and he kept going back, increasing the amount of classes he did until he was up to six days a week.

“It is my new addiction. I have met so many beautiful people in the Boxfit family. People I would never have met before this.”

Exercising made him feel better and he became mentally stronger to accept change in other areas of his life too.  His diet changed too.  Frank lost weight and his pre-diabetic symptoms disappeared. 

“If I had stayed the way I was I would have died.  Lots of my mates who were in the same situation I was in are dying, they have unhealthy lives and they are dying of heart attacks.”

“I feel so good within myself. I had the drive to want it and with the help of green prescription I did it. I now have beautiful connections with my kids, and I want to be around to share my life with them and my grandkids.”


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