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30th November, 2018

Tag Oil Tough Kid

Tag Oil Tough Kids is all about the kids!!!

This event involves year 5-8 students taking on a giant obstacle course at the Yarrow Stadium grounds. This super fun event sees the kids climb over, under and through all sorts of obstacles while getting dunked in water tanks and being sprayed by the fire brigade as they race down the favourite obstacle of the day - the super slippery slide.

Children are registered by their school so if your child is keen to take part then talk to their school and ask if they are taking a group of students to Tag Oil Tough Kids in 2018.

If any schools are interested in bringing their students contact Terry at Sport Taranaki (06) 759 0930 ext 737 or via e-mail for more information or to register your students.

Watch this space for more information about the Tag Oil Tough Kid 2018.

 TAG Oil