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Everything you need to know about the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund

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Sport Taranaki is proud to be partnering with Sport NZ to administer the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund (the Fund) in our region.

The Fund is now open for applications.

If you are a regional organisation or club, affiliated to one of Sport NZ's National Partners, or you are a Māori Sports Club or organisation which is not affiliated to a National Partner but, can gain endorsement from one of Sport NZ’s Māori Partners then you could be eligible for financial support through the Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund.

The Fund aims to deliver immediate funding to help regional and local organisations remain financially viable through the immediate period of disruption created by COVID-19. Clubs can apply for $1000 in support.  Regional recreation and sports organisations can apply for up to $40,000.

Members from our team are making themselves available via Zoom with your application questions. You can jump on when you can, you don't need to be there right at the start if you need a hand.Our team is ready and able to work alongside you to complete your application. We can help make the process simple.

Community Resilience Funding Helpdesk Q & A – 11am-12pm Tuesday and Thursday every week.

Join Zoom Meeting

 Meeting ID: 811 0594 3999

Password: 650782

Community Resilience Funding Helpdesk Q & A – 7pm-8pm Tuesday and Thursday every week

Join Zoom Meeting

 Meeting ID: 841 1130 8157

Password: 161446


The Sport NZ Community Resilience Fund aims to deliver funding to help regional and local organisations remain financially viable through the immediate period of disruption created by COVID-19. 

It is not intended for the National organisations that already receive investment directly from Sport NZ.  Instead it is for the regional and local organisations that form their networks (i.e. clubs).

The Fund is for organisations that are already materially negatively impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and/or will be materially negatively impacted by COVID-19 restrictions for the period April to June 2020.

This means that:

  • the organisation cannot pay bills for fixed administration costs (excluding wages) in the three months from 1 April to 30 June 2020,
  • even after accessing reserves and receiving other support from the national body, government and others,
  • as a result of lost income or income that is very likely to be delayed by more than six months, because of impacts of COVID-19 restrictions.

To find out more download our fund guidelines. This factsheet and cashflow template will also be useful.

 How to apply

You must apply using our online process. To apply simply complete the relevant form and attach files of relevant documents using the links below:

For Regional organisations ($40,000 max)

For local organisations and clubs ($1000 max)

We are here to help

Our CRF team are ready to help advise you on your application please contact us on: or phone 06 7590930

Further information

Frequently Asked Questions

Sport Taranaki Press Release 7 May 2020

Sport NZ Press Release 7 May 2020

Taranaki Daily News 7 May 2020

 TOTAL FUNDS DISTRIBUTED to 1 June 2020: $113,036.95

Recipients 25 May - 1 June

Southern Rugby Club                          $1000

New Plymouth Golf Club                     $1000

Tysons Netball Club                            $1000

West End NP Bowling Club                $1000

Gymnastica Gym Club                       $1000

Okaiawa Tennis Club                          $95.47

Stratford Cricket Club                         $1000

Central Division Indoor Bowls             $1000

Paritutu Bowling Club                         $1000

Waitara Rugby League Club              $1000

Rotokare Tennis Club                         $1000

Waitara Soccer Club                          $1000

Parafed Taranaki                                $2667.07

Opunake Golf Club                             $1000

Taranaki Race Walking Club               $400

Peringa United Football Club              $1000

NPOB Cricket Club                             $1000

Taranaki Basketball Club                     $786.62

Taranaki Cricket                                  $10,397.81

Opunake Surf Life Saving Club           $1000

Taranaki Rugby                                  $40,000

Bell Block Rugby Club                        $1000

NP & Marist United Cricket Club         $1000


Recipients 19-24 May

Taranaki Golf                          $1689

Taranaki Hockey                     $10,283

South Taranaki Darts Assoc   $1000

Coastal Rugby Club                $1000

NPOB Rugby Club                  $1000

NP Roller Sports Club             $1000

New Plymouth MMA                $1000

Pungarehu Golf Club               $1000

Okaiawa Rugby Club               $1000

Urenui Golf Club                      $1000

Woodleigh Sports Club            $1000

Manukorihi Golf Club               $1000

Spotswood Volleyball Club      $880.43

Moturoa Football Club             $1000

Waverley Golf Club                  $1000

East End Surf Club                  $1000

Hawera Athletics Club             $1000

NP Rangers                             $1000

Clifton Rugby Club                   $1000



Recipients 11-18 May 2020

Westown Scouts                    $1000

Yacht Club                              $1000

Kaitake Golf                            $1000

Bowls Waitara                         $1000

Westown Golf Club                 $1000

Waitara Golf Club                   $1000

NPOB Netball                             $329

Patea Bowling Club                $1000

Fitzroy Golf Club                     $1000

Inglewood Golf Club               $1000

Gymnastics Waitara               $1000

Tasman Club                           $1000

Stratford Golf Club                  $1000

Spotswood United RFC           $1000

Te Ngutu Golf                          $1000