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KiwiSport is a government funding initiative to promote sport for school-aged children.

KiwiSport provides funding for Year 1 - 8 students and Year 9 - 13 students and aims to:
Increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport.
Increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children.
Support children to develop skills that enable them to participate confidently in sport. 
Sport Taranaki has been given the mandate from Sport NZ to manage and allocate KiwiSport funds within the Taranaki region. This funding is to encourage schools, clubs, community organisations and local businesses to collaborate in increasing opportunities for organised sport.
Sport NZ have identified the priority groups for KiwiSport as females 10 - 18 years; low participant groups; low decile and specific ethnicities. All KiwiSport applications will need to target at least one of these groups in their programme or project.
There is a split of contestable and non-contestable models with the contestable funding open to organisations and schools to apply for investment. Funding will be distributed to organisations and schools who submit applications that meet the criteria and operating principles of KiwiSport (dependent on funding).
Sport Programme – an externally delivered sport based participation programme conducted outside the curriculum as a general rule. Open to schools, National Sporting Organisations, Regional Sporting Organisations. Clubs and commercial organisations to apply.
Fundamental Skills Programme – The Skills4Life programme is to educate and develop the necessary fundamental movement skills in primary school children so that they are able to participate in sport, games and physical activity. It also aims to educate teachers and expand their tools so they can deliver fundamental skills to their students by themselves. 
Workforce - The Secondary School Sport Workforce is an initiative that Sport Taranaki and Taranaki Secondary School Sports Association (TSSSA) are providing for Secondary Schools. The Sport Workforce supports the recruitment, development and retention of coaches and officials involved in making sport happen.
For further information and/or an application form please contact: 
Maree Judd
Phone: 06 7590930, extn 716 or 0278561792







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